About Intuitive Code

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โ€‹ Main Activities

Intuitive Code is the entity responsible for research and development. To some extent credible third-parties might be used to execute projects related to real estate and tech summits.

Our main activities are the following

  • Building Intelligent Houses.

  • Investing in Real Estate.

  • Investing in Art.

  • Organising Tech Summits

  • Research and A.I analysis

  • Knowledge Bases

  • Apps Development

  • A.I Bots


About Intuitive Code

Intuitive Code project started in 1989, in tribute to the Russian mathematician, Grigori Perelman. Intuitive Code team shares Einsteinโ€™s and Perelmanโ€™s conduct and principles. Namely, the fact that the only true source of knowledge is experience and the only thing of real value is intuition.

About Autonomous Trading

To empower investors to outperform in the markets using highly accurate AI algorithms. We share the wisdom, and insight knowledge no one else has access to. Experience nearly 100% accurate trading confirmed by thousands of reviews and public record. Trade Stocks. Forex. ETF. Cryptocurrencies. Oil. Futures. Commodities.

Creating History

We created the TNT plan and acronym in December 2019 to invest in Tesla and the Next Tesla (TNT) seeing four-digit growth since then.

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