Live Stream

Trade in the markets live with the world's best traders from your dashboard.

Live Stream

Live stream technology is often used for

  • Summits

  • Webinars (video and audio)

  • Live trading (mainly audio)

  • Training (video and audio)

Live stream trading is a paid feature. Occasionally, live stream webinars and summits are free.

Intuitive Code live stream trading is a paid add-on except if expressly mentioned as being integrated in the plan. Furthermore, kindly note live stream trading is different from custom video rooms.

Live stream trading and custom video rooms are the most valuable features since both give access to Alex's live trading & coaching.

​ Integrated A.I Workspace

The user workspace includes access to the A.I research and analysis data along with dashboards divided into different categories, support, onboarding, live trading, and A.I bot.

To access the live stream

  1. Click on Blocks

  2. Choose Live Trading from the drop-down menu.

Live stream trading dashboard

​ Tutorial

The presentation illustrates how live stream works for trading.



Which are the requirements?

Access to the app, or to a standard browser. A stable internet connection. A valid licence for the add-on.

Where do I find the calendar?

The calendar for events is available in the app.

Why do you call it live stream A.I Trading?

Live stream is the technology used. You can attend the streaming session on the corresponding dashboard while having direct access to the A.I research and analysis data.