Features Overview

Learn about Intuitive Code app features, examples, benefits, and a short tutorial for your quick reference.

​ Explore the App Features

Once you log in to the app, you're invited to explore the

  • Dashboard

  • Your account settings

  • Your plans or projects

  • Your private workspace

  • Your tasks

  • Calendar

  • Widgets

  • Reporting

​ Get Everything Done Right

A platform full of features to help you Plan, Discuss, Achieve Goals, and Succeed. Read the examples.

This is my favorite collaboration tool, it can really handle anything and remain extremely simple and intuitive. Director of Engineering. CBS TV Network.

Intuitive Code app

​ Tasks List

Stay on top of your task lists and stay in touch with what's happening. Our team of experts defines tasks to help you succeed.

Example: Choose your portfolio and define tasks for each one according to your plan risk profile. Then discuss it with our team.


Successful task management involves splitting larger tasks into smaller subtasks.

Example: You're a Tesla investor. Create subtasks attached to milestones for each step of the investment process, earnings, deliveries, short-term trading, long-term investment, and so on.

Kanban board

The modern way to manage your tasks by dragging into completion columns.

Gantt Chart

The ultimate bird's eye view of your tasks, allowing you to quickly adjust your plans managing efficiently your investment projects.

Private Tasks

Not all tasks should be public knowledge, keep your personal tasks private in a highly secure environment.

​ Plan. Discuss. Achieve Goals. Succeed.

Projects are not just about tasks, everyone needs different tools. Intuitive Code offers everything you need to successfully complete any project!

Intuitive Code app

β€‹πŸ“† Calendar

Have the ability to see an overview of your due items from one place, have Events/Tasks/Milestones and more. Integrate your calendar.

Example: an investor can add coming earnings date to his calendar along with a link to the available forecast.

β€‹πŸ—£ Discussions

Tired of unreadable emails threads? Discuss ideas with our team from one centralized place. We maintain a log history for your reference. Use the search feature to find what you are looking for.

Example: you can create a discussion on a topic of your particular interest directly from your private workspace.

β€‹πŸž Issue Tracker

Where the simplicity of tasks has restrictions the Issue Tracker can open a whole world of functionality for tracking issues.

β€‹πŸ“” Wiki

Access to public and private documentation including tutorials.

​ Our platform is Chock–Full of features!

β€‹πŸ’· Invoices

Have access to your invoices and get billed from your private account.

β€‹πŸ’« Widget Board

Create custom widgets for any type of information you need in one easy location.

β€‹πŸ‹ Task Board

A quick way to see Tasks from all your projects in one place.

β€‹πŸ—„ Files

State of the art file system allowing us to store and organize all your project files in one place with support for Versions and Comments.

β€‹πŸ¦Έ 3rd Party Integrations

Integrations with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more that directly links with your projects.

​ Tutorial

Learn about Intuitive Code app features. The list of available features depend on your plan.