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There is a fixed maximum number of entrants admissible per country.

Kindly note that the number of licenses for the lifetime version is limited per country. There are countries we are no longer accepting orders from.


Herein find answers to the most frequent questions. Please contact us if you do not find responses to your queries.

How can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time. You will continue to receive the features for the services you’ve paid for until the end of the billing cycle.

Can I pay just once for life instead of recurring transactions?

You sure can! Recurring transactions, a wildly spread model, implies very high costs for the user in the long-term. Instead, we offer lifetime plans where you save more than 95% long-term. Furthermore, these plans offer more features than others except those dedicated to enterprises. Notice that unlike in most cases, we have been here since 1989, therefore, lifetime option with us makes all the sense.

Lifetime plans are the most popular. The ultimate series is the most popular among professionals while premium and elite is the choice of small investors.

What’s the difference between plans?

Firstly, choose the series of your interest, premium, elite or ultimate. Secondly, choose the timeframe, yearly or lifetime.

Finally, to help you make a decision, use the following resources

  • Free resources

  • Webinars & summit

  • Presentations and demos

  • Documentation

What's the difference between the yearly and lifetime plan?

You're invited to watch the webinar​

How do I upgrade to a paid account?

We do not use recurring subscriptions. Once you decide which plan is best suited to your interests

  1. Click on the buy button.

  2. Fill in the form to request a formal quote.

  3. Sign in the quote.

  4. Proceed to payment.