New Features

Check what's new in A.I trading premium.

​ New Features & updates

Kindly note the following

New features and app updates is available in the bundle version only.

​ Increase Productivity

We released a new feature to help you deal with a large number of premium content over the years.

The premium content dashboard is available in the Intuitive Code app, but it may also be available on your browser.

Start using powerful features such as Filter, Sort, and Search

A.I premium content dashboard

The list and title of each article per date of publication.


1-click access to premium content. Note that you must be logged in to the Blog.


Now you can filter and sort articles by ticker OR any other field. You may also create different views of the information.

Example: Filter the list of articles addressing Tesla (TSLA), then apply a new filter for earnings.

Note that A.I premium lifetime users have additional information in the app


Easily find recommendations per your interest

  • β€‹πŸ• Short-term trading

  • ​⏱ Swing trading (mid to long-term investment)

  • β€‹πŸš€ Ultra-performance

  • β€‹πŸ’² Earnings

  • β€‹πŸ”” Trade signal

  • β€‹πŸ“ˆ real-time analysis

  • β€‹πŸ’Ή Forex

  • much more.


β€‹βœ Relevant notes per article

​ SMS updates

Coming! We're considering implementing SMS updates for new premium articles.

Let us know about your feedback in the app.

​ Tutorial

Please watch the following 5 minute presentation to learn how to use.