Expert Trading Support

Learn how to request expert trading support live with Alex Vieira

​ Meeting Workflow

This feature is only available in A.I premium bundle.

A.I premium bundle users benefit from expert support. This is one of the most valuable features in your plan. Learn how to use it properly for your benefit.

  1. Click on the confidential URL available in your account to schedule a meeting.

  2. A meeting is created along with a unique URL that belongs to you only.

  3. Click on the meeting URL and enter your name.

  4. Choose whether you wish audio+video or audio only.

  5. Adjust your settings, video and audio source.

  6. Wait for the host approval to enter the meeting room.

​ Tutorial

Watch the tutorial for your reference.

No need to install or download any software

To learn more about meeting room features refer to the documentation on this topic.

​ Pricing & Rules

Kindly note the following rules available to bundle users

  • One free meeting per month maximum.

  • Each meeting limited to 40-minutes duration.

  • Users are not allowed to accumulate meetings.

  • Extra meeting per customer request available for $900. Payment by PayPal.

Kindly note the following rules for everyone else

  • Meeting maximum duration 60-minutes

  • Price $1,800

  • Payment by bank transfer only. PayPal only available to existing customers.