Skill Jet A.I Trading

Market legend, Alex Vieira, teaches how to invest in the markets discussing a complete investment process since IPO.

​ Learn how to invest

Sill Jet A.I Trading started in November 2019 as an alternative to dedicated paid courses available in a world leading e-learning platform.

Skill Jet A.I Trading

Intuitive Code does not charge users for the Skill Jet trading program including it free of charge in the bundle version.

  • Live Technical Analysis

  • Value Investing

  • How Did I Start

  • How to use the A.I Bot

  • The Complete Investors' Course

Skill Jet program includes micro lessons recorded in real-time with a duration inferior to 60 minutes focused on specific topic without the need to attend a course.

​ What's inside

Alex's Vieira Skill Jet A.I Trading comes with

  • 100% accuracy;

  • Price targets;

  • A.I pivots;

  • Real-time technical analysis;

  • Coherent unbiased ratings;

  • Live earnings;

  • Real-time coaching;

  • Live trading;

  • Recorded on video.

  • Step-by-step approach.

You can use the program to trade any stock.

​ Podcast on Skill Jet Trading

Learn how to invest in the stock market following an investment process since IPO acquiring a huge competitive advantage compared to everyone else including professionals. The podcast includes examples for investors' reference. Share with others!

Listen to the Podcast

​ Install the trial

Skill Jet A.I Trading trial is divided into two segments

  1. Trial for paying users available in the yearly plan.

  2. Trial for non-paying users available on the Blog.

For paying users

Intuitive Code partnered with Alex Vieira including three invaluable lessons in the premium standard plan.

Get $1 Million Today!

The Second Lesson besides a real-time invaluable trade signal, and live technical analysis, it also includes an explanation of the important differences between standard premium and lifetime premium content.

The Third Lesson, Alex addresses Tesla.

For non-paying users

Alex Vieira used Skill Jet A.I Trading to offer millions of dollars to users investing in Pinterest since IPO.

Pinterest shares crashed 50% since the announcement on the Blog including real-time stock charts


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Why did you choose an IPO?

Glad you ask! We can demonstrate near 100% accuracy since IPO unlike everyone else while you learn how to trade. Others, don't do it since they have no clue what an asset is likely to do until there's a past history.